LATEST as of Tuesday 24th March

Please be aware that as of today, and until we receive further information, all guests must be seated at tables. You will however still be able to order and pay at the bar for drinks and food as long as you return to your table. Please observe the social distancing rules. Standing by the bar, and sitting on bar stools at the bar is no longer allowed. We will also need to restrict our guest numbers if necessary.

We are very sorry for this inconveniece, but OF COURSE this necessary if we are to eliminate this virus. We will continue to stay open as long as possible, until such a time, sooner or later, when we may have to close temporarily.

As of Wednesday 18th March, our intention is to carry on as usual, with normal opening hours, until told otherwise. However please understand that we need to be flexible re our actual opening hours.

We will be proactive in our approach, and ask our fabulous regulars and guests to please respect social distancing where possible and use the hand disinfectant which is placed on the bar.

Due to to above, the Monday Evening Quiz will be put on hold until further notice.

We are not accepting table reservations just now, but will review the situation when suitable.

And to all, please keep safe and well.

Any changes will be notified/updated here.