Lunch Menu Week 25
Served from 11am until 2pm Monday - Friday ... all 99kr unless stated
Allergi besvär ... fråga oss gärna om vad maten innehåller

Homemade köttbullar with mash, gräddsås, rårörd lingon, inlagt gurka
Cabanosse with potato gratin, ajvar and sauerkraut
Panerad rödspättafilé with hand peeled shrimps, mash, Rhode Island sauce
Kalops with new potatoes and beetroot

Homemade panbiff with mashed potato, fried onion, lingon and gurka
Helstekt Fläskkotlettrad, dijon/creme fraiche sås and potato gratin
Teriyaki Breast of Chicken with rice and fried vegetables
Panerad rödspättafilé with hand peeled shrimps, mash, Rhode Island sauce

Homemade köttfärslimpa with peas, gräddsås, mashed potato lingon and gurka

Roast Lamb with potato gratin, gräddmintsås, haricot verts

Chicken Curry with Pilau rice, poppadom and mango curry
Sprödbakad Torsk served with mashed potato and curry remoulad

Homemade Oxjärpar with gräddsås, mashed potato, lingon,gurka
Hestekt Fläskfilé with potato gratin and bearnaisesås
Cold roast beef with homemade potato gratin and mixed pickles
Panerad rödspättafilé served with hand peeled shrimps, mash, Rhode Island


Closed for Midsummer

Also available every day for lunch

From the grill ... see daily specials board ... 139:-
Fish and chips with Rhode Island sauce...99:-
Homemade steak and Mushroom pie with chips and salad...129:-
Avocado and shrimp salad with Rhode Island sauce...129:- (99:-)
Seafood salad with shimps, rökt lax, skagenröra and avocado...139:- (109:-)
Both the above salads served with toast and butter
Smoked Norwegian salmon with potato gratin and hovmästarsås...129:- (99:-)
Double shrimp sandwich...129:- (99:-)
Skagenröra on toast with hand peeled shrimps and salad...129:-

All lunches include bread and butter, a choice of soft drinks or lättöl, and